Experience the Difference

Top-notch features that deliver the performance you need!
User-friendly interface

An intuitive and visually appealing interface that makes navigation simple and easy.

Perfect Responsive

An ideal design that adjusts based on the size orientation of the device’s screen.

Quick User Support

Fast and friendly user support providing easy-to-reach and responsive customers.

Regular Monitoring

Website monitoring to ensure its performance, security, and overall user experience.

Feature-rich Solution

High-end features to drive engagement & revenue for your brand

  • Account Login

    Users may sign up for their account using their email address or mobile number.

  • Settings & Privacy

    The Support section assists users in managing their profile accounts and privacy.

  • Instant Messaging

    Allows users to send and receive instant messages through the YourFans website.

  • News Feed

    Built-in bidirectional feed module to keep the users updated with the latest news.

  • Set Post Price

    Lets users set post prices & publish written posts with audio/video files & images.

  • User Activity

    Enables users to like, react, subscribe, comment, and bookmark posts they admire.

  • Live Streaming

    Users may live stream with their audience and monetize their content from anywhere.

  • Filter

    Users can filter their search using metrics like photos, videos, people, & top posts.

  • Select Language

    Users can change the website’s default language & choose from English and Romanian.

  • Notifications

    Users can get real-time updates on new interactions and activities relevant to them.

Innovating through technology

Empowering your online presence with cutting-edge technology

A powerful blend of technologies lies at the heart of our social media website solution. Our developers harness the versatility of Flutter to create a seamless user experience, while PHP (Laravel) provides the robust backend framework to power the site’s sophisticated functionality and DevOps – CI/CD pipeline to develop high-quality code. This technology mix enables us to deliver a user-friendly and powerful platform for Mobile Applications & Websites.

  • PHP - Laravel
  • Flutter
  • MySQL
  • DevOps - CI/CD

Deliverable Technology Suite

Your own customized social space, dedicated entirely to you and your community

Communicate with each other privately via messaging

View content posted by others on your News Feed

Get alerts of new activity & stay engaged with the platform

Leave a comment and respond to content posted by others

Let’s deliver a cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes the way we connect and share ideas online!

Maximizing Online Performance

Stand out in a crowded online space with our lucrative solution

Overcoming all statistical benchmarks, we’re determined to take the lead among content monetization platforms in the upcoming year

Approx. 70 Million by 2024

User Growth

84% more than 2022

User Interaction

Us$200 Million by 2024

Revenue Rate


Pieces of User-generated content

Monetize Your Social Media Website

A Profitable Solution For Your Content Creation Platform

  • Payment system Integration

    The integration enables secure and efficient user transactions on the social media platform.

  • Subscription Rates

    A user with a paid profile setting has the ability to set monthly subscription prices for various types, which are:

    • 1 Month Subscription
    • 3 Months Subscription
    • 6 Months Subscription
    • 12 Months Subscription
  • Payments and Wallet

    The user has the option to deposit or withdraw money from his platform wallet via Stripe.

  • Send a Tip

    Allows sending real money to the creator to show appreciation for any of their posts.

Our Clients

Our clients are people and organizations with ambition and imagination to unleash the power of IT for their businesses and ideas.

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    Asked Questions

    What platforms can I build the social media solution for?
    You can build social media solutions for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and the Web.
    What are the key features of a social media website?
    Some key features are profile creation, posting, sharing text, images, videos, messaging or commenting system, live streaming, search, set post price, and privacy options.
    How can I make money from my social media website?
    YourFans is a commercial platform that provides an earning opportunity to creators and, in turn, helps the platform generate future revenue.
    How much does it cost to build a social media website?
    The product cost varies greatly based on factors such as the number of features, the complexity of the work, and the development team involved.
    How do I promote my social media website?
    You can promote your social media website through digital marketing and advertising, social media, and marketing automation.
    How to reach out to us?
    Please complete the form above, or contact us at [email protected]